During 2013 /The Saatchi Gallery/ choices $M's art-works in its on-line collections on the top 30 of the best artist


In London, Leni meets Mikhail Zaitsev. He will be her "transaction muse".

He shows Leni the differences between the people' soul and the people with hidden faces. The differences between the Real people and the transaction's people.


Looking for new edges of the Transaction’s art, 
Smoragdova took her interest in the cinematography, as a film-director. 
She collaborated with her friends Mikhail Zaitsev, Eva Pashkevich to shoot the three part of THE HISTORY OF THE INTERIOR (2012, 2013, 2014), opening the way for Transaction movie.


In 2012 Smoragdova made her first performance in Amsterdam with more than 7 000 visitors. That was one of her career highlights as performance artist. In 2013 Leni began to make her first Art Show Transaction. Leni Smoragdova expressed her own transaction view about the art and the life’s philosophy through her art transaction show.


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About Transaction #transactioninselfie

In the past 6 years I have developed my art project and research about hidden faces in modern society. I named this project “Transactions.” I have looked and observed through different angles and points of view in contemporary society, such as social, political, financial and ethical. The idea of Art Transaction was first conceived as an everyday interaction between people in the modern world. Transaction on a daily basis in financial terms means buyer and seller exchange an asset for payment. To elevate my philosophy of Transaction I looked into the conditions of people losing of spiritual realities. Transaction arose as a reaction to the cult of the “Golden Calf”–when people turned to worship an icon–in this case, money–in the absence of God’s presence. This was inspired by the generations of the 80’s and 2000’s. “Hidden Faces” is the result and depiction of portraits of people who cover their faces.
Idea: Selfie / Hidden Faces

I would like to propose that people from around the world submit their unique visions of “Hidden Faces.” #Selfie a popular manifestation of identity on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Taking Selfie idea and turning it into #HiddenFaces would be a declaration and depiction of critical reality as a litmus test: Transaction goes beyond just an image or idea, it would create a cluster of images and self-expressions that connect people from around the world and prove it’s real. This would make an international statement of “Transaction Network Art” on a global stage.
Proposal & Submission
I would like you to take a snapshot of yourself (Selfie) with your face hidden. Please see included images as examples. Please write a short description of your Transaction of your own experience in your life or your native country using your native language. Please send me your Selfie / Hidden Face and your description to me by email: [email protected]


Here the basic art-studies of Transaction were touched: the theme of the hidden faces in the society of the 21st century.

Or depersonalization and at the same time individualization


This art-project of the Transaction touches social part of the people’s life. I called this project: “The city needs warm”.

I made research inside the one city of Russia, what is more important:

1." What is more important a person or material world?

2. “Can art change the world?” – Yes

There are a lot of cities in Russia, when in the winter time the temperature is more then – 40 below zero. In that times the transport systems are stopped, but people should continued to work and make their business, went to the university and etc. People could wait autobuses during 60 minites in the cold street. People felt bed, and lose consciousness in the street.

In 2013 I became to talk about warm bus stations. All citizens, who is not very rich, and journalists, artists make a lot of activities to help this project.

In 2016 the first warm bus station appeared in the city.

For this moment the reality is not very good about prolong this projects, Transaction is very popular: material world is more important, than person.

Mazel tov