Leni Smoragdova


During 2013 Rebecca Wilson /The Saatchi Gallery/ choices $M’s art-works every weeks for her on-line collections. 








Nov 9, 2013
$M presents her new Short film "A short summary of the history of the interior"



Feb, 2014


Inside the artist studio 

Leni Smoragdova:

"Цирк шапито" 


Jan 17, 2014

$M Music


Sep 20, 2013 

$M Transaction' art-show 





Video Transaction's Art





Art Transaction,

Painting, photo, street art, drawing



Dec, 2013 

Cartoon "Ass"





Art manifesto TRANSACTION

At first I want to say thank you, my darling! You really help me to find my own art-way! Why?
I tell you.
“We are the children of the war, The war has no faces... The war is money The money has no faces We are the children without faces. It’s so simple, like transactions are.. We are the children of the transactions”

Once upon a time there are used to be a thing. Its name was TRANSACTION.
TRANSACTION has two edges – Modern Life $ Art.
Totalitarianism said, “I don’t like art which look likes broken freedom”
By the way, N.Y, London, Paris and Moscow are crying about the death of modern art, and its deadlock.
Who knows the truth? Totalitarianism & Art? Neither tells the truth.
$moragdova’s TRANSACTION does.

Like the classic painting in aristocratic houses demonstrate the best time of Renaissance, also $moragdova’s TRANSACTION point out classic life of the modern society. TRANSACTION push aside faceless pseudo-conventionalized routine, continue ideas of the Great Masters, with innovation and modernization. $moragdova’s TRANSACTION has the truth.

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