$M her unique art-show “TRANSACTION' Labyrinth”. Artist presented TRANSACTION' Labyrinth for more then 7 000 visitors in that day.

TRANSACTION' Labyrinth is unique art project in the world, included art, performance \any visitors could take part in the performance too/, art-videos, installations, movie\ by artist Leni Smoragdova\. TRANSACTION' Labyrinth was created in the 4 parts /4 floors /, visitors followed inside TRANSACTION' Labyrinth, step by step and after that, opening new hidden parts of their souls, found new edges of their interiors. The aim of the TRANSACTION' Labyrinth \by $M\, using art, to pay attention to visitors, that modern people forgot about greatest love, real friendship, respect to each other. We have no love anymore, but sex for money; we have no friendship, just commercial deals. Why? Cause, it’s easy for understanding “the rules of modern games”.

You are talking about loneliness, but you don’t need exactly anybody else. People are afraid of “being using”, but we can use only things, don’t you? Are you really sure that you are just a thing? TRANSACTION' Labyrinth has an idea about hidden faces of modern life  SEE MORE

In God We trust